If people are accompanied by projections, then any surface is able to become a screen, and in any situation, a place for photos and video can be found. I made a small projection wing for myself, by fastening projector connected to iPhone to my shoulder. And stepped to brave new world of wearable gadgets. Together with Margarita Mikhailova, we set off to lighten the walls and the passers-by with our content. I picked the simple issue "Man on Facebook vs Reality" — the image I showed was my beautiful portrait taken by photograph Marina Ragozina. Sometimes I switched into camera mode and filmed the space and the people, and the video was instantly broadcast onto the screens — the walls, the backs of the people, the floor of the underground, the space.

Have a look at the documentation of the projector-wing city-happening:
(we haven't good camera at the time, but anyway, I hope you'll get the idea)

Man on Facebook vs Reality / Projector Wing / Moscow, 2013
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