Zlata Ponirovskaya disembowels toys – tears off plush skin, picks out plastic eyes, pulls away foots and wings. Cauterizes wounds with epoxide resin, pours with acidic dyes, puts cheap mechanics and a battery to the opened chest – and with a clear conscience releases the newborn creature to the boundless world.

Mechanical demons squeak, swarm, creep, crackle with their wings, waves with mutilated limbs, stare their eyes which live separately from the body, pulse with hanging on the ropes hearts. They die every now and then, because of coming to an end battery power.

The way they communicate between each other is unknown. In an uncomprehensible way they communicate with us. They see, hear, feel. Maybe they have a mind and a will. Copulate, possibly. It is could be – they are eating each other. Apparently they have a social life. Sooner or later they will show it to us.

One day at the stairs of Central House of Artist I almost broke my neck, slipping on the robot, who creept from a gallery stand on its own and went to a hike. Those creatures recalcitrate to live in intended for art places. They want to be with people. To revenge, maybe.

But if you listen to Zlata, situation is under control: the science experiment is going on, research engineer created a population of cyborgs, breeds them, cares, cherishes, explores.

Ponirovskaya has an education of a biologist, so she naturally fascinated by medical sensations. And if we compare more closely – chinese toy rats and creepers-paratroopers, that swarm under the legs of passer-by's in the subway. Ponirovskaya creates as it should be – from the garbage of civilization, without a shame. In the hands of an artist plush utopia from the toy store becomes a dystopia of technogenetic trash, brought to life by pirated software and biological charlatanism. A teddy bear, whose foot was teared off, but not thrown away because of humanistic reasons, gains his revenge.

curator: Marina Koldobskaya
Marina Koldobskaya, curator
Personal exhibitions:
2009 All Ballet Dancers Go to Hell, Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine. ( Co-author Andrey Sen-Senkov)
2008 Clinic, animals-robots, State Hermitage Youth Center, Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Group exhibitions:
2010 Small, M&YuGuelman gallery, Winzavod,
2008 Russian Poor, Museum of contemporary art PERMM, Perm, Russia.
2007 Art-Moscow, M&YuGuelman gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

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