2014, October, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition Russian Performance: A Cartography of its History opens with the artistic experiments of the Russian avant garde. Covering the 1910s through 1920s, this section is dedicated to the radical works that transcended the boundaries of traditional art: the actions and performances of the Futurists including the famous opera Victory Over the Sun and the daring theatrical ventures and scenery of Vsevolod Meyerhold and Sergey Eisenstein,

The intervention began at 6:45pm EST. I climbed on the scenery and read the Kruchenyh's poem. The whole action continued for roughly 3 minutes, during which time security guards appeared to react slowly and I run away.

The poem written by russian poet Alexey Kruchenyh, in 1913 on his own language, and all words have not a certain meaning/sense in any language, including russian.

Один из обьектов выставки — реконструкция сценографической установки для спектакля «Великодушный рогоносец» (1922), Вс. Мейерхольда, был выбран для интервенции — чтения стихотворения А. Крученых. Несмотря на то, что информацию о нарушении порядка на выставке «ПЕРФОРМАНС В РОССИИ» передали охранникам по рации, робкому перформеру удалось скрыться безнаказанно.

Дыр бул щыл
убеш щур
вы со бу
р л эз
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