Producer, CGI artist (2016-2017) — EPISODE 1
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Drawing the Court

Showcases courtroom sketches of trials that took place in recent years in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and carried significant social weight. Specifically, we chose to focus on political trials.

We are displaying sketches from both high-profile trials and others that have flown under the radar, without giving preference to cases that have received media coverage on the exhibitions and in our web-site.

These sketches are not simply a substitute for photography; the artist conveys their relationship to the events and assessment of the situation. Quite frequently, court sketches harmoniously incorporate fragments of court transcripts and author commentary into their renderings of trial participants. An electronic archive with hundreds of sketches drawn by artists over six years of work on this project is available on

Courators: Zlata Ponirovskaya, Victoria Lomasko (RUS) / (ENG)
tele/gram: +447751674250
fb: /ponirovskaya
instagram: possuminside
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